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Ways To Celebrate The Holidays At Work

A rising problem among young employees is excessive work pressure. Most young people are extremely busy that they hardly have time for themselves to engage in activities they love and are passionate about. You can motivate their talents and passions by offering creative paid time off. Encourage your employees to participate in various dance and music competitions, speech contests, leadership conferences and especially volunteering opportunities. If they win these competitions, they can be recognized at work for their achievements and this will boost their confidence. Also, if he makes it to the daily newspapers, your company name is sure to appear.It’s that time of the year again!

With thanksgiving behind you, your employees are counting days for the holiday season so what can you do to make things interesting in office? As you step into a new year, you need to brighten the spirits of your employees and end the year on a high note by hosting, planning, and participating in your own holiday office activities. So here is what you can do.Gift exchangeWhat could be better than gift giving to commemorate the festive feeling? The company can get everyone corporate hampers in Sydney that will include corporate merchandise such as a pen holder, journal, file organizer, mug, business card holder etc. If not, you can ask each employee to bring in a small gift and exchange them through secret Santa.

If the giver and receiver are anonymous, make sure they bring something gender neutral and common in use since a ladies purse can’t be gifted to a male employee. You can also assign each employee to someone so that while the gift giving process, they can get to know other employees that they don’t know very well. This will build better connections.Holiday partyIf gourmet Christmas hampers don’t work for you, organize a lavish Holiday party that employees and their families can enjoy together. Planning a get-together at the workplace or outside of the office can be a great idea so that all can celebrate the holidays. It will boost morale because it gives employees something to look forward to every year. Go all out and organize for food, drinks, music, games that everyone can enjoy. You can even opt to take just the employees outside for an event such as a movie, bowling etc. Make the planning of the party a big deal.

Appoint a new organizing committee every year and let them plan away so that all employees will be motivated to do better than the previous year. VolunteeringGiving back to society is a great way to celebrate the holidays. Gather your employees and organize a fund raising event to donate for a good cause. Volunteering will not only make your employees feel good, but also will be an excellent PR opportunity for your company. You can either donate cash or other items, or help a charity with their activities. Spend a day at an orphanage or home for elderly. Share with them necessary items, sing songs, share your stories and enjoy your time so that you can put a smile on their faces too. For more information, please log on to corporate-gift-hampers