Choosing Natural Stone Tiles For Tiling

When choosing tiles for your floor you would definitely want those that are not only beautiful, but are well-suited for use in both outdoor and indoor areas. This is why travertine natural stone tiles have become one of the top-selling floor tiles in the home industry. Professional home renovators and designers have found in them a truly natural solution to their needs.

Italy has used it for centuries

Travertine has a beautiful natural appearance – Italy has been using it for centuries and is fond of its maintainability and aesthetic appeal. Travertine can be found in exotic locations, such as caves and hot springs, and is durable and elegant. Homeowners looking to revamp their houses or planning to build a new one will discover a wonderful and timeless companion in travertine tiles.

A wide range of colors

Natural stone is loved by consumers and offers a perfect solution for outdoor as well as indoor areas. If a stylish look is the first thing in your mind, travertine offers, like marble tiles Sydney, a classy and long-lasting solution. They come with a wide range of colours with practically hundreds of variations. Some examples are beige and tans, shades of dark brown to almost red. The range for white or light colours starts from natural and neutral light tan to a silvery white.

Polished, honed, brushed or tumbled?

The manufacture of travertine stone tiles involves various processes such as polishing, brushing, honing and tumbling. Manufactures use these different processes to offer various looks to their customers. The understated elegance of honed travertine with its natural matte finish makes it a most desirable choice. A honed finish is best suited for use in indoor areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and living areas.The naturally smooth, non-reflective surface of travertine stone tiles is both functional and attractive. Although a porous material, travertine can be properly sealed and this protects it for many years. These tiles are polished and processed in such a way that they get a more reflective surface. They are subjected to gentle buffing, polishing and cleaning so that a nice and glittering surface appears on the already beautiful tile. Tumbling is a process carried out on travertine stone tiles that will be used to render an antique look. Rough tumbling lends rounded edges to these tiles. There are a plethora of options available to one shopping for travertine online.

Widely popular across the globe

Europe has used Travertine stone tiles consistently for many centuries. Australians too have come to cherish the unique look and feel of these tiles. All across the world, people are using these tiles for building the interior and exterior floor areas of their homes. Travertine adds a touch of luxury and thus consumers are using it to make their homes appear like high-end spas or luxury hotels.