Reasons Why Sydney Is A Culinary Delight

Typically, a Thai meal consists of four pre-eminent flavors viz. sweet, salty, spicy, and sour. On a general note, the meal isn’t considered fulfilling unless and until it embraces all of the four tastes. Aside from meals, the Thai are also well-known for their quick yet delicious snacks available for mere pennies along the street side. Certainly not one for the aristocratic standards, albeit an underrated delicacy, but if you’re one for the fine dining, there are sundry high-end corporate asian food catering Sydney that will make you feel like the king of Thailand.Besides being existentially and technologically dependent on food, we are also emotionally pre-disposed towards it.

The cuisine of one’s country holds a defining position in our society. A person is known, of course, by his place of origin, his country. And his country, in turn, is known by its ethnic cuisines. And there is nothing more Australian than getting family and friends together for a nice barbecue. But if you’re planning for something more formal, say a corporate arrangement, Sydney is full of exquisite cuisines in warm and homely atmospheres that are apt for holding business suppers.A slice of vanillaOriginally French, where it was called mille-feuille (a thousand sheets), the Vanilla Slice is apparently now an Australian dish. The custard filled, multi-layered pastry, brushed with icing sugar comes in many flavors, all of the winners.CrocsYeah, you read it right. While the reptile’s leather is famous for its use in making wallets and handbags, the crocodile meat, although not widespread, is also considered a delicacy in various regions. Eat them before they eat you, I’d say.

Fish ‘n’ ChipsThough not officially part of the elite, fine-dining, corporate catering Sydney city, you can’t miss this one. You can’t think about Fish and Chips while not thinking about the Australian Fish ‘n’ Chips eaten by the beach (If it’s wrapped in yesterday’s news, it’s the Australian one). The sellers in Sydney use only the best and fresh of the local and imported ingredients to make the best of this renowned snack.Kangaroos – grilledYes, it’s the national animal. So? These beasts overpopulate the terrain and then again, kangaroo meat is the tastiest, the healthiest and the most sustainable of all the red meats. It’s known to go well with cheese and garlic and also fruity seasonings viz. red currant, orange, etc.ANZAC biscuitsANZAC Day is a public holiday in Australia, ANZAC standing for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps fighting for the country.

During the war, the wives of the soldiers baked these delicious biscuits for the brave men as a send-off. Made with oats, coconut, honey and hope, the biscuits are a reminder of the war, just like the holiday itself.All in all, Sydney is the nerve center, a harmonious culmination of various cuisines all around the world, including the local Australian cuisine, obviously. All the different food items available are it sold at the food trucks, or the exquisite and arcane items you’ll see for the first time in a corporate catering Sydney event, are bound to make you realize that even food has character.